NurtureBack™️ - Magnetic Back Stretcher

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Are you eager to stretch out the tightness and knots in your back without spending a fortune ? NurtureBack™️ is all what you are looking for.

NurtureBack™️ is a Stretcher and Massager in the time. Offering three adjustable positions and many acupuncture massage points, this Magic Back stretcher can also be used as a convenient self-massager for different areas of the body.

Back Massage Stretcher in 2020

Made of tough ABS material, NurtureBack™️ can support up to 330 pounds and is available in solid black or a blue/black design—so you can stretch and massage in a style you like.

Suitable for all sizes and ages.

Wear NurtureBack™️ for just 10 minutes a day for back pain relief that can last the whole day...

We reserve the right to send another color in case the one you choose isn't in stock.