SidePillow™ - Orthopedic Knee Cushion

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Aligns the spine and cools the body for a comfortable night's sleep

Do you have trouble sleeping well? Do you wake up tired and with joint pain?

Relax in any position for a great sleep with SidePillow™.

The first ergonomic leg cushion designed exclusively to fit your back, hips and knees, align your spine, relieve pain while you sleep and correct posture problems.

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The SidePillow™ is an orthopedic memory foam leg pillow that provides comfort for the lower back, hips, legs and spine of side sleepers.

You will feel better, with more energy and without pain.

SidePillow™ adapts naturally to the position of your legs, avoiding harmful postures.

Made with Memory Fort (viscoelastic), giving your body the shape it needs. Ideal for the elderly, pregnant women, people suffering from illnesses or who have difficulty falling asleep.

Flexible, comfortable, soft, fresh, breathable, hypoallergenic and easy to wash.

Benefits: Relieves tension, pain in your joints will disappear, improves blood circulation and reduces stress.

Sleep like a baby! Effects in a few days! Sleep peacefully!